Cleaning of bifold doors – a quick guide

Once installed, your new aluminium bifolding doors should provide you with many years of reliable service, but a routine cleaning of bifold doors keeps them looking new. Here we explain some easy cleaning of bifold doors, helping you get the most out of your high quality Cortizo bifolds and why routine cleaning and a little care will always keep them reliable.

Routine cleaning of bifold doors – tips and advice

The three key areas in routine cleaning of bifold doors focus on the aluminium profiles and paint finish, the tracks and, of course, the glass.

With most bifolding doors being larger than other doors in your home and having more glass and larger glass panels, keeping them clean ensures you get better-looking bifolding doors and enjoy the views and other benefits of a bifold crafted by AL-Bifolds.

Cleaning the powder-coated paint finish

The powder-coated finish on your new bifolding doors arrives from our factory with tape protection that stays in place until the building work is completed. Once you remove this ‘low-tack’ tape, there should be no residue left behind. However, with builders dust etc part of any property renovation or building project, cleaning the frames is probably the first job.

Our top tip is not to start cleaning the frames until any dust or dirt is removed from the aluminium profile surface. A soft brush is the best way to do this. Removing any surface dirt also helps prevent micro-scratches and abrasions.

All you need to clean the frames is a soft sponge and mild soapy solution. Do not use any harsh cleaning products as they’re not necessary to clean the paint finish and could damage it. Any stubborn stains can be rubbed a little to dislodge them.

Keeping your track clean – essential in the cleaning of bifold doors

The bifold door track, whether a recessed type or standard, is one of the most important parts of the bifold, as it houses the rollers making the panels effortlessly slide. \

The nature of a bifold track, and depending on how often you use your doors, can get dirty and even have small stones or grit lodged in it. If the bifold rollers come up against this kind of dirt, your bifold doors can judder as they move along the track.

Cleaning the track on your bifold doors is easy. All you need to do is use the small or long nozzle on a hand-held or full-size vacuum cleaner. Gently run it along the inside of the track taking care not to mark the paint finish. And that really is it.

Cleaning of bifold doors glass

All of us know how to clean glass, so there’s no hard and fast rule here. However, the larger the panels, the more chance there is of missing bits, especially at the tops of the bifold door panels.

The level of cleaning required of course depends on how dirty your glass is in the first place. General-purpose window cleaning products with suitable kitchen towels or microfibre cloths are the best solution.

We suggest cleaning the glass before the frames as any liquid residue from the glass can then be cleaned off.

Using a window cleaner for the cleaning of bifold doors

If you already have a professional window cleaner, then most of these already have glass cleaning experience and most, if not all, have experience with aluminium frames, but it is worth asking.

If your doors are fitted with aluminium bars, it’s worth pointing out that these are a little more delicate than the frames and to take extra care when cleaning these. The bars are securely fitted, but it’s worth making them aware nonetheless.

How often should you clean bifolding doors?

The cleaning of your doors depends on the living environment and for the outside, it depends. City centre environments might mean your frames get dirtier than doors in quiet locations or the countryside.

For bifolding doors on the Dorset, Devon or Hampshire coast, we recommend more routine cleaning especially of the outside and the aluminium frames, as this helps remove the salt and other harmful elements.

Quality-made bifolding doors that are easy to keep clean

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