How to get a low bifolding door threshold

One of the many benefits of choosing a folding sliding door for a property renovation project is the low bifolding door threshold. Designed lower than the standard design, you get better access out to the patio or garden and a more attractive door set at the track. Even better, there’s no loss of weathering or security. Here’s how our modern slimline bifolds come with the low threshold option if you need it.

Making a low bifolding door threshold easy with AL-Bifolds


The well-designed bifold door system we use comes with a few options for getting a low threshold.

If you choose your new Cortizo bifolding doors with profile number AYPC.BF73.0103 Low Threshold Sill, this is perfect when you need your bifolding doors inside, for instance separating off your conservatory to your main room or as a room divider.

We also provide an alternative profile, AYPC.BF73.0104 Low Threshold Sill which goes even lower internally and virtually flush with the floor levels. Choose this threshold if your bifold doors are also inside the property. You’ll also find this section useful in commercial environments. Garage showrooms, bars and restaurants and other uses needing minimal trip hazard often use this type.

Both of these threshold options don’t come with full weathering but give you excellent options where it’s not required.

You can use any of these low thresholds where you need improved accessibility. For example, pushchairs, wheelchairs, older people and those with mobility issues can also benefit.

Whilst the above thresholds are intended purely for internal use, there are situations where these low bifolding door threshold options can potentially work on exterior doors, for instance, if the installation is well sheltered by a canopy roof or other form of weather protection for the doors. Do check with us for suitability.

Therefore, getting the right height on your bifold doors means your builder and bifold door manufacturer is aware of the specifics of your property regarding the opening size and intended floor levels.


A flush bifolding door threshold with full weather protection.

When you want the flush or low threshold for your exterior doors, then our doors come with a fully rebated design that’s intended to sit lower than usual, giving the flush or low bifolding door threshold.

Getting this look means working with your builder or your architect. We’ll help you with the profile sizes and details, and your builder creates the opening to suit.

Establishing the measurements for your doors, ensuring a low bifolding door threshold is the critical area. Again, you or your builder must be aware of the inside and outside floor levels when completed. This also helps you establish the correct manufacturing sizes for the doors, so when they’re fitted the track is at the right height.

When you install the doors, it’s worth bearing in mind that depending on the specifics of your extension and requirements, you may still have a small step, but significantly less than the ‘standard’ installation where the bottom frame and track profile gives you an overall height of 55mm or 80mm when set on a sub-cill section.

Depending on how low you set your threshold, the typical upstand, or ‘step over’ with a low threshold is around 12-18mm, but do check with us with your precise requirements.

Why you need weather protection on a low bifolding door threshold

All doors and windows get rainwater running down them, and even the water used when cleaning them. As a result, we make all our bifold doors with built-in drainage that ensures any water drains away from the doors. Another reason for the drainage is ensuring any pooled water drains away from your room and to the outside where it belongs.

Quality low threshold bifolding doors from AL Bifolds

Our doors are supplied ready for easy installation, on fast lead times in standard colours and with all the assistance you need to install easily and quickly. And we can offer a choice of glass options, including laminated glass for enhanced security. There are even our ultra-modern blinds within the glass, giving enhanced privacy and shading solutions for property renovation projects.

Contact us today for competitive prices and let AL BIfolds transform a home with slim, secure and weather-resistant doors, also having a desirable flush or low threshold. You can also check our Facebook and Instagram for regular posts and updates.