For patio areas, living and dining rooms

Slim, attractive, secure, aluminium French & Patio doors

Our quality-made aluminium French and Patio doors deliver on styling, functionality, security and energy efficiency. Using the same elegant profiles as the Cortizo bifold, they create matching French doors in a property project and are just as appealing as stand-alone doors. Ideal for new garden doors, enlarging a window to make a doorway or anywhere you need attractive double doors, with excellent specifications and prices.

Supplied fully fabricated and ready to install with all cills, accessories or ancillary items prepared or cut to size, we make buying ready-made bifolding doors easy, with full installation instructions provided.

Direct-fix for refurbishments or new build

Available as fully glazed or heritage style with applied bars

Sleek aluminium doors

Using the same profiles as our folding sliding door system, Cortizo aluminium doors are slimmer and more appealing than conventional hinged doors.

For large or small openings

With door panel sizes up to 1.2m wide and 3.0m high, Cortizo aluminium doors create bigger door openings, modern extensions demand.

Superior Thermal Insulation

Thermally insulated profiles, high-specification double or triple safety glass and premium locking ensure energy-efficient, safe and secure doors.

Aluminium French Doors in a few days

Available in modern fully glazed designs, optional midrails and even with applied bars for a heritage or steel look. Cortizo French doors come as double door sets or with additional side panels or top lights.

Slim aluminium door profiles ensure maximum glass sizes and reduced visible aluminium. An ideal replacement for older back doors, as well as secure porch doors. A choice of handles in a range of colours is also available, as well as options for double or triple glazing. Aluminium supply only French doors are available in five working days on standard colours and with free delivery up to 30 miles.

For homeowners, Cortizo aluminium doors come ready for your builder or chosen installer to install with ease. Our doors in standard white, black or grey finish are available on a fast five-day turnaround. We provide everything you need for a swift and easy installation. With a matching bifolding door system available, Cortizo aluminium doors provide a superb solution to properties needing more than one door opening type.

Modern properties benefit from the flat door sash standard door, or there’s a curved sash option when the project suits a more classic and softer styling.

Buildings and property professionals benefit from a distinctive single or double door product, providing more features and improved styling over traditionally styled doors. Even better are the more flexible door sizes compared to composite doors and the benefit of larger door openings when projects demand doors with more glass and less visible profile.

  • Standard or low threshold
  • French doors with side panels
  • Opens in or out
  • Suitable for interior use
How wide can aluminium French doors be?
The width of French doors depends on your available opening, but it’s possible to go up to 1.1 or 1.2m wide per door leaf, depending on the brand of door. When French doors are made from the same profiles as bifold doors, these can go even wider and taller.
What is best, uPVC or aluminium French Doors?
Aluminium French doors are significantly slimmer and stronger than PVCu French doors and especially where the doors meet in the middle. Aluminium doors also go wider and taller, meaning you often don’t need the side panel or top glazed panel you would with a PVCu French door. PVCu doors are welded at the corners making them look untidy compared with the neat mitred corners of aluminium doors. With the right product, aluminium doors can also match bifold doors.
How do I choose a French door?
Look for thermally insulated aluminium profiles, in a choice of styles such as contemporary or traditional. Good aluminium French doors also come with a vast range of colours. Glass is toughened safety glass available with low U-Values, helping the doors lower your energy bills. The door handles and hinges should be in the style of the door, available in all sorts of designs and colours. Sightlines are also important so look for doors that are slim and elegant in style. French doors should come with optional side panels, standard or low thresholds and can open in or out.
How much should French doors cost?
Most aluminium French doors are made to order. The price you pay depends on the sizes, whether you have side panels, the colour, glass type and your choice of door handle design and colour.