The Benefits of Alutech Bifolding Doors

At AL Bifolds, we manufacture Alutech bifolding doors and we think they’re one of the best folding sliding doors for replacing any old door set and of course, even better designed into a new extension.  Secure, thermally insulated, weathertight and with modern design and styling.  Alutech bifolding doors enhance any residential or even commercial property.

Alutech bifolding doors in a black colour, shown in a kitchen and living room extension with skylights above

Here are some more reasons why the Alutech product is the one to consider for your property improvement or building project, whether you’re a builder or homeowner looking for quality doors.

Why we make and recommend Alutech Bifolding Doors

We manufacture Alutech bifolding doors in our factory available to the trade and public to buy a new bifold direct.  When you buy an Alutech door from us, you’re assured of the best possible service and lead times and, of course, a quality made door every time.  

We chose the Alutech system for our bifold door product because of its suitability for properties all over Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.  If you’re looking to change your existing doors, these deliver on sightlines, overall appearance and their ease of use. 

Alutech doors also work well in high end homes such as those around Sandbanks, Poole or Bournemouth where they’ve successfully met more demanding client requirements.  Building companies we work with love how they come at better lead times and homeowners buying direct also benefit from faster access to a quality door rather than the conventional retail route.   

Probably the best thing about Alutech bifolding doors are some of its specific features making them an even better proposition. 

Some of the slimmest sightlines on the market

When it comes to buying a new bifold, it’s worth bearing in mind that much of the year, they’ll remain closed. We’re fortunate to be near the South Coast and close to the countryside and it’s here, Alutech doors really deliver. 

The sightline at the mullions with the doors closed is just 120mm. This makes Alutech bifolding doors some of the slimmest on the market.  Slimmer doors mean less visible profile on multi-panel doors and larger glass panels.  Therefore, building contractors can comfortably provide a bifold door meeting client needs and requests for better views through closed doors.  And when open in the summer, you’ll find our doors stack neatly together, also giving you more of the available clear opening. 

Better bifold panel sizes than other doors

Despite the slim nature of Alutech bifolding doors, they also come at larger panel sizes. For properties where the back of the house or extension is planned for a larger aperture needing taller or wider doors, our doors go up to 1.2m wide and up to 3.0m high. Perfect for great views through the bigger glass panels.

The other advantage of having large doors is you don’t need the glazed fixed panel above, often required on other bifold doors. So you’ll also not require any intermediate steel in the new opening either.  These doors could hopefully help bring project costs down as a result.  So if you want larger bifolds making the most of the glass and planned height, Alutech doors deliver again here. 

The design and functionality individual projects require

Alutech bifolding doors overlooking a new slate patio

For some people, their bifold doors are the only doors out to the garden. For larger homes such as those we work on in Poole or Sandbanks, they form part of a wider door complex at the back and side of the house. 

Alutech bifolding doors come designed for every type of local property and building requirement. A design with a traffic door is perfect for smaller homes needing to open up the home in the summer but still retain regular garden access with the doors closed during the year.  

Larger homes might prefer doors all folding in one direction or those with French doors in the middle, then folding equally on each side. 

Folding to the left or the right, opening in or out, even with a low or flush threshold. From two up to seven or even fourteen panels, Alutech doors meet pretty much any requirement you or your client might need when planning new bifolds at the start of the property project. 

Being a cutting-edge bifold, you get a huge choice of colours, glass options and a choice of handle colours, matching or contrasting. Perfect when projects or clients have specific colour requirements. 

Also available with Alutech bifolding doors is a new curved sash option. Available as an optional extra, this curved sash creates a softer look to the bifold doors. It’s perfect, for instance, where you might have existing timber of PVCu windows with similar chamfered and more classic styling.

Quality doors built to last

Anyone living near the coast or building their property will already be aware of the more severe nature of a coastal location, such as stronger winds and salt spray.  

We can make your bespoke Alutech bifolding doors with the standard already great powder-coated finish.  However, for those projects and properties closer to the sea, there’s an enhanced marine-grade coating, for even more protection. You can get in touch and find out more about this. 

Then comes the overall Alutech profile quality.  Aside from being produced by one of the leading systems companies, your new bifold door profiles come with the best in thermal insulation.  This, combined with any good-specification glass unit creates a very energy-efficient product, helping lower energy bills and improving the comfort levels when replacing old single glazed doors.  

Available double or triple glazed, Alutech bifolding doors meet current Building Regulations with low U-Values and door energy ratings. 

Around the doors, you’ll find some of the best sealing design, with extensive gaskets, drainage and seals. All these work together keeping the doors tight and weather resistant. 

The ‘concertina’ nature of this door type also demands top-notch hardware.  Alutech doors come with some of the best components and you’ll really discover the quality the first time you move the doors.  You’ll be surprised just how light and smooth these are.  

For security, there’s Alulock – a six-point locking system designed for these doors giving enhanced security. Alulock comes with a curved backplate design also helping rainwater fall away from the lock better and has a star-rated key cylinder. 

Alutech bifolding doors – some of the easiest to fit

Another brilliant innovation you’ll find in an Alutech bifold is the adjustable frame jamb.  Even the best builders might not create a 100% true and square opening.  Therefore, your installer will be pleased to see the moveable profile at the lock side of the doors, designed to take up any small tolerance, making your doors fit perfectly. 

Of course, we’ll help you at every step of the way and provide full installation instructions and support. 

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Our bifolding doors are available on a five day turnaround time in white, black or grey standard colours and available with free delivery within our delivery area.

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