Why we recommend integral blinds in bifold doors

There’s no better way to provide privacy, shading and even improved energy efficiency when you fit integral blinds in bifold doors. Sleek, modern, functional and significantly better than after-market blinds. Integral blinds in bifold doors are one of the best accessories for large patio doors like bifolds. Here’s an explanation of how they work and some common questions answered.

Integral blinds in bifold doors explained

Also known as blinds in glass, interstitial blinds or integrated glass blinds, these products are high quality slatted blinds made as part of the glass in the doors.

The blinds are hermetically sealed within the glass unit and are very much a part of it. As a result, these are an integrated solution where other blinds are fitted after the installation of the bifold doors. And for our slimline aluminium bifolds, integral blinds make them even better.

Are integral blinds any good?

There are numerous benefits to having integral blinds in bifolding doors and hardly any negatives.

First of all, is how these hermetically sealed blinds in glass stay clean. They don’t gather dust and they never need cleaning. It’s a significant advantage over conventional blinds where cleaning means taking care around cords, strings, and the exposed mechanisms.

Even better with these blinds is how they work with the bifold doors open. Again because of their sealing and being a part of the bifold door set, they don’t blow about in the wind. As well as this, you don’t have to open the blinds before you open the doors.

Another excellent benefit of having integral blinds in bifold doors is that they don’t obscure your new doors even when you require privacy or shading. Therefore you can admire the sleek lines and styling of our quality-made Cortizo system whilst enjoying a cosy room at night or a cooler room on warmer days.

So what’s the drawback of integral blinds? They do cost a little more than the standard glass we provide, but when you compare the benefits and compare to the cost of fitting blinds after, you’ll find them an excellent investment.

How do the integral blinds work?

There are a few methods to enjoy the functionality and comfort of integral glass blinds.

The manually operated blinds work with attached magnets on the glass. Slide the one magnet up or down and the blinds raise and lower. Use the opposite magnet and watch the blinds tilt to the desired position.

There’s an electrically operated system available where the blinds work electronically via a wall switch or remote control. You can even control the sequence by which blinds close and open or control one or more individually, depending on where the sun is located during the day.

Finally, there’s a solar control version. For this model, the integral blinds come fitted with a sensor so they can close on their own as soon as the sun hits the doors. Or you can control these individually like the electrically operated version.

Colours and options with integral blinds in bifolding doors

Every integral blind comes with its own mechanism, housing the essential components of the integral blind, that you can see creates a discreet border around the glass unit. These mechanisms come in a variety of colours as do the slats themselves.

Therefore, you have the option when choosing any of our doors of having contrasting or colour matching blind components. A contrasting colour creates a pleasing picture frame detail, a matching colour gives a more coherent look.

Of course, our integral blinds in bifold doors still use the same high specification glass units. We use toughened safety glass, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill. And there’s no difference in how these blinds glaze into our doors compared to standard glass units, other than a professional installation to the power supply only the electric models.

We also provide other glass options also available with built-in blinds such as laminated glass for extra security. Finally, our integral glass blinds are made by the UK’s leading manufacturer using the renowned Screenline and Pellini system.

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