Why are bifolds great for winter?

Bifolding doors are still a popular contestant when it comes to doors. They create an illusion of open space, are easy to clean and maintain, provide high security (we make them from aluminium), and can actually fully open up a space. But are bifolds great for winter? Are they winter-ready?

Too many panels?

There is a misconception that due to its panels, bifolds are not the best option for doors, as they may get drafty. But we fully disagree with that. If your bifolds are fabricated and fitted properly, there is no draft. To make sure you have the highest quality, look for businesses that directly make and install bifolds themselves.

One of the great examples is us. We have a factory in Dorset where we make your bifolds from scratch. Then we can either deliver them to you, or we can deliver and install them. You can also check here to see why it’s the best to order from manufacturer, rather than through a 3rd party company. This way we can make sure you are receiving the highest quality, and have bifolds great for winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

Natural light

One of the main reasons why we consider bifolds great for winter is the amount of natural light they bring into the room. We all know that winter months bring a bit more darkness, as the Sun is setting earlier. That means we need to make sure we are taking advantage of those few daylight hours. As mentioned above, perfect reason to consider bifolds great for winter.

Bifolds are an excellent source of natural light, as they are mainly glass. The most popular option is 3-leaf bifold, but we can make any bifolds you like. The record we have at the moment is 11 panes! When it comes to natural light, are bifolds great for winter? They absolutely are.

Heat retention

Natural light is most of the time the winner, but you should never underestimate just how much heat can bifolds save you. During summer you can fully open them, but what about winter? Are bifolds great for winter when it comes to heat retention?

Great thing about bifolds is that they have a Master Door. It can be used independently of bifolding action, so there is no need to open all the panes. You can use them as classic doors with the advantage of bifolding panels staying in place, giving your a natural light, but not letting the heat escape.

Safe and secure

The moment you decide to renovate your house, the main thing in your mind should be: “How safe are the options I’m going for?”

Bifolds are very safe and secure, although you may not get that impression straight away. There is a lot of glass involved, but it is not a standard glass. Most of the time bifolds are fitted with toughened glass (Low E, A-rated), or with laminated glass. Both of those option are giving you an extra security, as they are not easily broken. If you’d like to know more about the glass we use, and how safe it is, you can click here.

Apart from glass, aluminium profile is what makes bifolds great for winter. Aluminium is one of the strongest materials used and it provides a lot of extra features. Easy to clean and extremely sturdy being a few of them. You can check here if you’d like to learn more.

Ready for any weather!

The idea of sitting on your sofa and looking through bifolds as the snow is slowly covering your garden is something we all wish for. Here, in south of England, we do not see a lot of snow. But we do see a lot of rain, a lot of sun (we really do), crazy strong winds, and (according to press) occassional mini-hurricanes (we cannot confirm with our own experience, as we haven’t seen any).

Bifolds are not only ready for winter, they are ready for all kinds of weather. And why is that, you ask? It is thanks to the aluminium frame. It is fully weatherproof, and resistant to humidity and moisture. On top of that, aluminium is corrosion resistant.

If you combine aluminium frame with double (or triple) glazing and toughened / laminated glass, you have bifolds ready for anything! Hot summer, rainy autumn, cold winter, ever-changing spring.

In conclusion, are bifolds great for winter? Yes, they are!

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