Let’s decorate your bifolds for Christmas with few easy tricks!

Christmas is approaching, and we can feel it. The Christmas lights are in a full operation now, John Lewis advert is bringing tears to our eyes again, and random Elfs and Santas are appearing in the neighbourhood.

Have you ever wondered how to decorate your bifolds, so they’re Christmas-ready? Here are some of our favourite suggestions to make your bifolds the talk oif the neighbourhood.

Vinyl Stickers

The gamechanger when it comes to decoration are stickers, especially double-sided re-usable stickers. Wether you decide to go for a one-colour concept and make it classy, or go “full out” jolly, stickers are your best option to decorate your bifolds.

Make sure to look for the re-usable stickers, so you can help reduce the waste. Also, vinyl is the way to go, as paper stickers may get damaged quite easily. Vinyl stickers are more sturdy, and even if condensation happens on your bifolds or windows, they will remain in place. And the most amazing thing? It will not leave any glue marks! The absolute best and must-have when you want to decorate your bifolds. Also, they are quite cheap.

Tinsel All The Way

We understand that tinsel may not be everyone’s favourite, but it still makes a perfect decoration. It is sparkly and light, so attaching it to the frame (or glass if you fancy) is not a difficult job, and it usually lasts long. It is a very strong contestant and we think you should consider it when you decorate your bifolds.

Did you know: Master Door can be used independently of bifolding action, so you don’t need to worry that opening the Master Door will start bifolding action and ruin your decorations. If you’re unsure how to operate it properly, you can read more here. There is also a nice little video for those who prefer to watch 🙂

Christmas Lights

You may be wondering why are Lights not higher on this list. They are one of the most beautiful pieces of decoration Christmas can offer. But there is one small downside when it comes to the lights on doors / windows. Lights are a bit heavier than tinsel, so they have a tendency to fall down if not secured properly. With aluminium bifolds, you need to make sure you have enough cellotape ready. And believe us, it is worthy. Christmas Lights hanging over vinyl stickers are the look!

What we can definitely recommend is perfecting your technique when it comes to fastening lights. Don’t be afraid to be creative with cellotape. Personally, we are doing a bit of a criss-cross fastening to make sure lights stay in place. So if you’re like us and invest into Christmas Lights as a main way to decorate your bifolds, you already have your cellotape game on point.

Cotton Roll

You may be wondering now, why the cotton roll? The answer is simple: it looks like snow! If you decide to decorate your bifolds with a bit of cotton, you can create an illusion of snowing. You can also be a bit more creative and style the cotton, so it looks like small icicles. You can also add an extra thick beard for your Santa sticker 😉

Try and add a bit of cotton in between your lights, and see how amazing your bifolds (or windows, or anything other you want to decorate) will look like. Just be careful when you place it near a fireplace, or candles. Actually, avoid placing it near open fire.

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