Help! My bifolding doors will not fully open!

Help! My bifolding doors will not fully open!

Are bifolding doors the same as sliders?

Quick answer: no. Bifolding doors open differently than slider doors. But that does not mean it’s difficult to open them. When you know the right steps, it’s as easy as ABC


Always keep in mind you are dealing with bifolding doors, not sliding doors. Knowing how to operate them correctly can help prolong their life and save you a lot of money. Here is our easy, step-by-step guide.

Firstly, as trivial as it may seem, make sure to unlock the Master door.

Once unlocked, you need to open the Master Door. The power of magnets is on your side, so keep opening it until you hear a little click. That means your Master door is now fully open and attached to adjacent doors, meaning you can move to the next step.

Rotate the slave handle to release the doors.

Push the door frame if your bifolding doors are opening out.

Pull the door sash inwards if they are opening in.

Keep in mind not to open your bifolding doors from the middle, as this is what causes the most problems. Always start with Master door. Once you know how to properly open your doors, you can start enjoying them fully.


Bifolding doors combined with our aluminium frame have many advantages. The aesthetically pleasing look of aluminium will add value to your property. Some experts estimate that bifolding doors can add 5-10% re-sale value, no matter which RAL colour you decide to use. You can choose any RAL colour you fancy, with grey and white currently being the most popular choices.

As easy as it is to open the bifolding doors, they are still considered very secure. Even though opening them from the inside is a matter of a few seconds, opening them from the outside (especially without a key), has proven to be beyond difficult. Double or triple glazing combined with our aluminium frame is a very sturdy enemy for potential burglars.

Fun fact: Bifolds are more difficult to crack than sliding doors, or french doors!

When people think “bifolding doors”, they most of the time assume it’s an example of a door that leads from their house into the garden. And while this is absolutely correct, there is more versatility to bifolds than that.

You can use them as an internal door; a divider for your rooms, which helps with creating the illusion of open space we all love and cherish. You can also have them as your conservatory doors, or external doors.

Apart from the illusion of open space, there is another massive advantage that comes in handy nowadays. Bifolding doors are very energy efficient, bringing your EPC rating down instantly. All of our external doors include thermal break to combat the lightness of aluminium, and our glass is always A-rated, the best one on the market for energy efficiency, heat retention, and overall performance.


Careful consideration and a lot of research are constantly needed if you want the top products. Our aluminium bifolding doors are ready for all occasions. We fabricate them ourselves, so you can be assured they are top quality and meeting all the requirements. If still unsure, check our social media to see more of what we can offer, and how we fabricate the doors themselves. You can find us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn. Feel free to connect with us, and if you have any questions, drop us a message, or give us a call.

Now when you know your ABCs, why not have a look at our Gallery.

We are researching on a daily basis to make sure all the government requirements are met, and all the highest possible quality is guaranteed. We offer 10 years guarantee on all of our products, including bifolds, and we are also backed by CERTASS. Throughout the year we offer different promotions on our products, so keep in touch to see what’s new