How to choose the best bifolding door sizes

What do you need to know for replacement installations and newly built apertures when it comes to bifolding door sizes? Your choice of bifold sizes as well as the size of the folding door panels themselves depend on several factors. Helping you choose better bifolding doors, we explain everything you need to know about door sets and panel sizes on folding sliding doors.

Understanding bifolding door sizes for property renovation projects

First of all, it’s worth understanding that the product is one significant feature in giving you the right door sizes for folding sliding doors. Some other bifold door brands come at quite reduced sizes. These smaller sizes, therefore, mean more panels in some cases.

The design and quality of our folding sliding doors in the Cortizo system have the benefit of providing wider and taller door panels. In fact, our doors can go up to 1.2m wide and up to 3.0m high. Having panels going wider, obviously means fewer are required. The minimum sash width is 750mm.

Of course, the more panels you have the more panel joints and visible aluminium. The great news is, that our bifolds are some of the slimmest on the market with a pleasing 120mm sightline at each panel joint. As a result, they won’t look as bulky as other folding sliding door brands.

Popular bifolding door sizes depending on panels

Here are our size recommendations for bifolding door sizes, depending on the number of panels you want.

The sizes you need for replacement door projects, where you’re removing old doors naturally are governed by the size you have. So our sizing guide below depending on the number of panels you need should guide you.

For new build openings, you’re creating the size you want and again, our sizing advice below gives some guidance.

Single panel bifolds

One of the advantages of the Cortizo system is you can create residential doors using bifold door panels. So if you do need a single door, we can make it for you. Sizes start at around 850mm wide up to 1.3m wide but contact us with your requirements.

Two panel bifolds

For two panel bifolding doors, sizes start at around 1500mm wide, going up to around 2500mm wide. Remember that when you have bifolding doors in two panels, these can only fold in one direction, either to the left or the right. There’s no option for having a traffic door.

Just like single doors, you have each panel hinged on the frame creating one of the best French door styles.

Three panel bifolds

The three panel set of bifolds is arguably the most popular, not only for its size flexibility but also because you get the option of an access and traffic door. This means one door hinges on one side as an independent leaf and the remaining panels fold on the other side. It’s also possible to have the traffic door hinged on the folding side so the three panels all fold in one direction.

Sizes start at approximately 2400mm wide, going up to 3 metres, 3.5 metres and up to about 3.7m wide when you choose the maximum size panels.

Four Panel bifolds

When it comes to choosing four panel bifolding doors, the sizes start at around 3100mm wide going all the way up to 4900mm wide.

With four panel bifolding doors, you’ve several options in how the doors open. You can have all the panels sliding in one direction, split equally with two panels folding on each side like a French door and sidelight design. Or you can have a traffic door hinged on one side with three panels folding and stacking on the other.

Five panel bifolds

For larger size openings, five panels can give as much flexibility as a three panel design, also having the option of a traffic door. Minimum sizes for five-panel bifolding door sizes start at approximately 3850mm wide, going all the way up to an impressive 6100mm wide.

For opening configurations, doors can again all fold in one direction, be split, two one way and three the other. You can also have a traffic door on one end or in the middle of the door set.

Six panel bifolds

Similar to four panel bifold doors, six panel door sets suit even larger openings with multiple panels in various opening configurations. Sizes for six panel bifolds start at approximately 4600mm wide up to a phenomenal 7.3m wide.

With bifolding doors at this size, the top frame and bottom track exceed the maximum aluminium bar lengths available. As a result, these do need a joint somewhere along their length. However, this joint does not interfere with the operation of your doors.

Seven panel bifolds

The maximum number of panels is seven, or even fourteen with another seven folding in the opposite direction. The minimum sizes for a seven panel door set are 5.3m wide all the way to 8.5m and again with a joint in the head and track.

Standard features with most bifolding door sizes

Remember with most of our bifolding door sizes, you can have doors opening in or out and even an open corner design. You get the option of double or triple glazing, a huge choice of colours and the best quality locking systems, hardware and our own high quality manufacturing.

And if you do want single or French doors, the 1.2m width and 3.0m height possible with our system go larger than standard single or French residential door systems using conventional doors. As a result, you benefit from some spectacular-looking single or double doors for your property project.

Quality low threshold bifolding doors from AL Bifolds

Our doors are supplied ready for easy installation, on fast lead times in standard colours and with all the assistance you need to install easily and quickly. And we can offer a choice of glass options, including laminated glass for enhanced security. There are even our ultra-modern blinds within the glass, giving enhanced privacy and shading solutions for property renovation projects. 

Contact us today for competitive prices and let AL BIfolds transform any property project with slim, secure and weather-resistant doors, also having a desirable flush or low threshold.