How to buy internal bifold doors

There are many reasons to choose internal bifold doors for a property renovation project. They’re an excellent solution for dividing up a room, creating separate zones when required such as working from home. In this article, we explain all you need to know to buy internal bifold doors using our slimline Cortizo system.

Why Cortizo are ideal internal bifold doors

The market-leading slim profile dimensions make Cortizo suitable for projects needing internal doors because they don’t come with the bulk of other brands. In fact, you’ll find Cortizo doors slimmer than Origin OB72, Aluk folding sliding doors, Smart Systems Visofold 1000, Senior Systems and others.

Therefore, correctly configured, our trade supply bifold doors stack neatly together open, taking up less space. When closed, the slim sightlines give larger glass sizes and slimmer visible frames.

Being internal, you don’t need the full weathered threshold of exterior-quality doors. We provide two solutions, both with a minimum step and our AYPC.BF73.0104 Low Threshold Sill even creating a fully flush arrangement when sunk into the floor.

How to measure internal doors.

  1. Take the tight opening size of the door aperture and reduce this by 10-12mm.
  2. You now have the manufacturing size of the doors that we need to make them for you.
  3. It’s recommended you measure the width and height across several points to make sure the opening is square and consistent in size.
  4. Then you can measure from corner to corner, another check to make sure the opening is square. If not you can make some small adjustments.

How to buy folding sliding doors

You can get in touch for prices and more information, send us your sizes and we’ll do the rest. To buy our trade supply internal bifold doors, we need the following information.

  1. The manufacturing sizes
  2. The RAL colour reference
  3. Number of panels and their configuration
  4. Threshold type from the three options available
  5. Glass thickness required
  6. Whether we’re supplying the glass to you
  7. Handle colours and lock type required

Where you can use internal bifold doors

The choices for fitting internal folding doors as part of an overall property project extend to most of the living spaces of a dwelling.

Please note the images shown in our article show typical uses, and profile designs, handle options and configurations may vary.

Separating a conservatory or glazed extension

Whether there’s an existing conservatory in place, or there’s a new glazed extension planned, internal bifold doors create an excellent solution between these two areas of the home.

The flexible sizes, slim 120mm sightlines and numerous configurations create one of the best door solutions for connecting or dividing a conservatory to the main living or kitchen area

Separating a dining room and kitchen

With many property projects now designed with open plan living in mind, fitting a set of internal bifold doors adds even more functionality to a dining room and kitchen area, mostly used as open plan

Not only does it create two separate rooms when required, but it also works just as well separating a dining room from a lounge. Adding integral blinds to the door set also creates privacy when required, for instance, having a guest stay and sleep in the lounge.

Internal bifold doors for other rooms

Depending on the aperture size, it’s possible to use folding sliding doors in other rooms. A kitchen to a utility room, a garden room, dividing a larger room and even creating a lobby inside a hallway. There are numerous ways to use these.

Internal doors for commercial buildings

Of course, internal bifold doors are perfect in commercial environments. Restaurants and bars, office screens, retail premises can all benefit from this reliable and functional door type, depending on the application. Get in touch for prices and lead times.

High quality trade supply internal bifold doors. Get a quote today.

At AL Bifolds, we manufacture Cortizo bifolding doors and we think they’re one of the best folding sliding doors for replacing any old door set and of course, even better designed into a new extension.  Secure, thermally insulated, weathertight and with modern design and styling.  Cortizo bifolding doors enhance any residential or even commercial property.