Choosing the best glass for bifold doors

The range of glass options for folding sliding doors is extensive, and in this article, we give you tips and advice on choosing the best glass for bifold doors. Our advice covers glass providing several enhancements for new bifolds, including comfort, insulation, shading and privacy options.

The best glass for bifold doors for residential or commercial property

With large expansive panels, bigger sizes when you use our custom-made bifold doors up to 3.0m high and transforming property projects with lots of natural daylight, bifolding doors are still one of the best products for refurbishment projects, new extensions and even in shops, bars and restaurants.

With glass being a major component in these doors, choosing the best glass for bifold doors is an important consideration, as well as the configuration, size and colour.

Glass for the best insulation in bifolding doors

If we are providing glass with your bifolds, the standard product is toughened safety glass, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.  Not only does this meet the required standards for glass in doors and critical areas, but also provides excellent insulation.

Therefore. if we are providing the glass, you’ll get highly insulated glass units as standard. If you want to supply your own glass, this needs to be at least 28mm thick and with a similar specification to our or better. Your local glass supplier can, of course, provide more information. Triple glazing is also available for even better thermal insulation.

In June 2022, the Building Regulations around energy efficiency and insulation are changing. So the levels of performance you’ll need also change.

From June 15, 2022, the U-value will be 1.6 W/m2k for windows and doors, including glazed doors, in new build properties. For existing dwellings, you’ll need to meet 1.4 W/m2k maximum for windows, 1.4 W/m2k maximum for doors with more than 60% of internal face glazed, and 1.4 W(m2k) maximum for all other doors. For commercial buildings, the U-value will be 1.6 W/m2k for windows in buildings that are similar to dwellings and 1.6 W/m2k for curtain walling and pedestrian doors.

The best glass for bifold doors security

Perhaps the bifolds you need in your project have an extra security requirement. Here, laminated glass provides optimum security. Laminated glass, unlike toughened, holds together when broken. This is a little different from standard toughened glass that, whilst very strong and to standard, should it break, shatters into thousands of blunt pieces.

If you want our doors with the same high security specification as those models going through industry testing, then laminated glass is the go-to choice here. It’s slightly heavier than toughened but does provide extra impact resistance.

If you need bifold doors for a heavier-duty commercial environment such as a shop or cafe, then laminated glass again provides that extra security and resistance, given the higher number of people than you’d get in a dwelling.

Keeping your home quieter with acoustic glass

Is your project needing new bifold doors on a main road, flight path, near a school or other noisy environment? Here acoustic glass might provide a solution.

Acoustic glass uses laminated glass as an interlayer and can also use glass thicker glass inside compared to the outside pane.

The best glass for bifold doors privacy and shading

One of the best accessories for new folding sliding doors is blinds hermetically sealed in the glass units. Also known as integral blinds, these offer significant benefits over after-market blinds, curtains or roller blinds.

Available in many colours, manual or automatic operation and some controlled by home automation apps, integral blinds can even improve the already good insulation of the glass units.

Solar control glass for bifolding doors

For projects on sunny elevations, solar control glass adds even more protection from UV rays and reduces the heat coming into a room.

Often used in glass roofs and facade glazing, solar control glass prevents the too-hot environment and helps reflect back or filter the sun’s rays. Often this glass needs a tint or coating and can alter the colour of the glass or make it more reflective. However, it’s highly effective in reducing glare and heat and keeping the room cooler.

The best glass for bifold with our quality-made doors

Whether you buy your trade supply bifolding doors glazed or unglazed, we’ve outlined some of the best glass options available.

AL Bifolds supplies all our doors fabricated and ready for fast and easy site installation with all the assistance you want, should you need it. Our folding sliding doors come with matching single or double doors at fast lead times in standard colours.  It’s the perfect product for builders and end-users wanting to replace dated doors or as part of a new extension. 

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