The benefits of bifold windows

If you’re designing or embarking on a property renovation project requiring windows, bifold windows are genuinely different from the open out hinged casement windows. With all the benefits of folding sliding doors but in a much smaller size, here’s everything you need to know about bifold windows and why you might want to consider them for your next property project.

Bifold windows explained

Bifold windows have the same slim profiles and design as their larger folding door counterpart. They use the same profiles, thermal insulation and high quality glass units.

The critical difference between bifold windows and doors is their smaller size. But with this reduced height, you get the same width benefits, with two up to seven panels possible.

Like a bifolding door, a folding window can have all the panels folding to the left or right. Or you can split them with equal bifold window panels folding apart or split unequally. Then, of course, you get the option of having the window folding outwards, usually the most popular, or if you have the room, folding inside the room.

The advantages of bifolding windows

First of all, these folding windows allow you to open up a window aperture better than any other type of hinged window. So if your project requires new windows, but the client wants a larger clear opening, then these window types work very well.

Another benefit of these windows for new openings is creating more oversized windows. Because they go up to the full sizes of a door, bifold windows let you design longer windows than you can have with regular windows and the benefit of opening up the full aperture when required.

They’re also functional with the same functionality as a bifold, including opening just one panel when required. You don’t need to fold back all the panels for general ventilation.

These windows can work out slimmer than regular windows in some cases. And our Cortizo bifolds with the slimmest 100mm sightlines on the new model make these particularly thin.

Where you can use bifold windows

You can also use this window design inside the home. For example, perhaps you have a dividing wall and like the idea of an internal opening window like the old refectory style.

And for commercial environments, especially cafes, bars, restaurants and kitchens, bifold windows are perfect, especially in the summer. If your premises benefit from an outdoor area and you like to open up the shop on warmer days, they really do work well, making your shop altogether more inviting.

Another advantage to these windows is balcony enclosures. If you live in a flat or apartment with a balcony, bifold windows create a new covered space. The significant advantage of a balcony enclosure is you can use your balcony every day of the year.

Fully sealed and weather resistant, your balcony now becomes an enclosed, warmer and better space that is not just for spring and summer.

And because these windows use the same profile as our folding sliding doors, your windows, single doors, French doors and new bifold windows all match!

Get a quote today for slim aluminium bifold windows

With panel sizes as narrow as 400mm wide and up to 1200mm high, these window types are thin, sleek, different and fully open up your window aperture better than regular windows. You get a wide choice of colours and glass to suit your insulation, security and privacy requirements.

Using the best selling Cortizo profile system, our folding sliding windows are superbly well-made and surprisingly affordable.

At AL Bifolds, we supply all our products fully fabricated, ready for easy installation and glazing. And we provide all the assistance you need to order and on site. In addition, our bifold windows come at fast lead times in standard colours.

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