Will Aluminium Bifolding Doors Add Value To My Property?

How will my property value increase with aluminium bifolding doors?

Aluminium bifolding doors will definitely add value to your property in many ways. They are sleek, modern and elegant looking, they are very safe and secure, and they are very well insulated.

Visually pleasing

Aluminium bifolding doors we manufacture generally come in grey or white, but you can choose any RAL colour you fancy. The frame is very slim, yet sturdy, giving out that sleek and stylish look people are yearning for. With our sister company AL Windows working closely side by side, we can manufacture not only bifolds, but windows as well.

property value
Aluminium doors and windows

We fully understand that when you compare the cost of aluminium frames to uPVC, there is a noticeable difference in price, but in the long run aluminium is what you are looking for. It looks better and more expensive, it is sturdier and safer, more secure, therefore increasing your property value.


Aluminium bifolding door have two major advantages over other doors. First one is aluminium, one of the strongest materials in building sector. Aluminium is also durable, fully recyclable, weatherproof, and highly corrosion resistant. It does not require a lot of attention when it comes to up-keeping and cleaning.

Second advantage if bifolding door. Creating an illusion of open space, leaving you with plenty of room if opened properly. A lot of sunlight and fresh air during summer, and feeling of coziness during colder months.

Safe and secure

There are multiple options when it comes to glass and glazing. We use only A-rated (low E) glass, mainly laminated, unless requested otherwise. Laminated glass consists of two layers of glass panes with inter-layer in between them. When you try and break it, it will not shatter. Instead, a spider web-like pattern appears on the pane impacted, while the inter-layer and other pane remains unscathed. This prevents thieves from easily breaking the glass and entering, automatically increasing your property value. On top of that, it adds security in harsh weather conditions. For example during earthquakes the glass will not shatter, leaving you safer route out of the property.

Aluminium, as mentioned above, is a strong and sturdy frame, therefore trying to bend it or break it with bare hands is pointless. Having multiple leaves with bifolding doors is ensuring that every frame is sturdy on its own, and together with laminated glass they create one of the safest and most secure (non-front) doors possible.

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3-leaf Aluminium Bifolding Doors

Can aluminium bifolds also improve my EPC rating?

Very quick answer is yes. Aluminium bifolding doors will improve your EPC rating, therefore automatically increase your property value.

If you want to have the best of the best, you can also add internal blinds. This way your property value will go up even more. Internal blinds require zero maintenance and cleaning, as they are integrated into the bifolds. They help to keep the heat inside the house during cold months, and also reflect the sun back during hot weather. And on top of that, they give you all the privacy you need. If you’d like to know more about internal blinds, we have some great articles here and here.

Keeping the heat inside when you need it, and also not letting unwanted hotness in during hotter months, aluminium bifolds with internal blinds are the way to go when it comes to energy efficiency, and increasing property value.

How can I be assured of quality?

We do manufacture our bifolds in our own factory, we do not order them from 3rd party company. As we fabricate doors ourselves, we can assure you of the top quality material used, professional assembly, and expert care. We are also backed by CERTASS, and offer 10 years guarantee on all of the products.

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