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Cost of living crisis – how can we help you to be more energy efficient?

England has been hit with one of the worst cost of living crises yet. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, being energy efficient is more important than ever, Here, at AL Bifolds, we have our fair share of improving houses and staying on top of the game, so we have compiled a few tips to help you save money. We have included our sister company AL Windows to cover windows as well.

By optimizing your property to be more energy efficient, you can save a considerable amount of money, including saving money on heating and cooling your home. There are several options to explore, and we have brought forward what we believe is most helpful when it comes to bifolds, or windows.

Proper installation

AL Bifolds

The first and most important step is to do your research and find out about not only suppliers but also the best fitters for your window/door. With aluminium being one of the most desirable and durable materials to work with, it’s important to look more into the company.

With over 40 years of experience, you can stay assured that your project will be safe in the hands of our amazing team, and as we fabricate everything ourselves, we can also fit it for you. Check out our social media to see more and discover how we ensure our products are energy efficient.

Opting for a cheaper manufacturer and/or company can be quite tempting, but it’s not always the best option in the long run. Always do your research, check their website, and check their social media. If they post regularly, they are more likely to be a legitimate business. Also, make sure they are local to you, so when something happens or you need something fixed, they can stop by. Otherwise, you may need to find a different company to fix issues and that is more costly than staying local.

Our team covers Dorset and surrounding areas, and we use Alutech slimline profiles for our frames, ensuring the highest standards of quality are met. We also keep our social media up to date, you can check us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Finally, you can check our sister company AL Windows on Facebook and Instagram.

Glazed glass

energy efficient

Did you know: windows can account for around 20% of the heat lost from your home, and having energy efficient windows and doors can cut heat loss up to 75% (you can find more here)

You have probably heard a lot about double and triple glazing by now, but what exactly does it mean and how is it helping you and your property?

Double glazing

This refers to a window, or a door, that has two panes of glass. It is considered insulated glass, and it keeps the cold out while keeping the warmth in. Compared to single glazed windows or doors, double glazing reduces the heat loss or gain by up to 30%

Triple glazing

When you add an extra pane to your double glazed bifolds or windows, you are reducing the noise and increasing thermal efficiency. Triple glazing will add value to your house, helps you to reduce condensation, and make your windows or doors safer. On top of that, your EPC rating increases and so does your energy efficiency. The only thing that will decrease… is your bill!

U-value (thermal transmittance) is the rate of transfer of heat through a structure, divided by the difference in temperature across that structure. With the Part L changes to building regulations, focused on lowering the U-value, we are heading toward more energy efficient windows and doors. But what does that actually mean, and how does it affect you? Here is a quick table showing the differences between different types of glazing

Type of GlazingU-value (average)
Single glazed5.2 – 5.9 W/m²K
Double glazed old – with standard air cavity2.8 W/m²K
Double glazed old – with argon-filled cavity2.6 W/m²K
Double glazed new – with standard air cavity (low E glass)1.8 W/m²K
Double glazed new – with argon-filled cavity (low E glass)1.5 – 1.6 W/m²K
Triple glazed (low E glass)0.8 W/m²K
U-value of glazed windows/doors

Here, at AL Bifolds, but also at AL Windows, we use A-rated (low E) glass with the argon-filled cavity as a standard. We offer both double and triple glazing for our bifolds and windows. Our bifolds and windows are energy efficient and always up to a high standard and compliant with all the government regulations.

With double glazing becoming the standard for properties, it is not that costly to change your bifolds or windows if they are old and less energy efficient. Opting out for triple glazing may seem a bit pricey at the start, but in the long run, it is the best option to save money and be more energy efficient.

Tip: it’s time to check which type of glazing you have. According to government standards, all the new properties’ doors and windows must have a U-value of 1.6 W/m²K maximum, while old properties replacing their windows and doors are set to 1.4 W/m²K. For commercial properties, U-value is 1.6 W/m²K

Internal blinds

Be energy efficient - internal blinds

Many people see blinds as an aide to prevent Sun from entering the room. But they can do so much more! Especially internal blinds, which are already integrated into your bifolds or windows, so there is no maintenance or cleaning needed. It is an easy way towards being energy efficient.

During hot, sunny weather closing blinds will prevent the heat from entering your house. Blinds will reflect the heat and the sun back, so your house stays nice and cool.

When it comes to the cold weather, the space between the door and the blind traps still air, successfully preventing heat loss. This way you can be more energy efficient and improve your EPC rating, which over time can save you a considerable amount of money!

You can use internal blinds with both, windows and doors, and in the long run, they are one of the more efficient ways to reduce your bill.

Insulation – thermal break

Alutech thermal break

Having your doors and windows properly insulated is one of the most crucial parts of how to be energy efficient and save money. When it comes to bifolds, what you are looking for is the thermal break.

Thermal break may sound like you are taking some time off from all the heating-related issues and worries, you are just turning everything off to give it a break, or if something gets too much heat, it breaks. But no worries, thermal breaks will not break your glass or the frames.

In theory, thermal breaks are materials incorporated into the frame to prevent conductive thermal energy loss. In other words, thermally broken frames are insulated against heat and cold conduction. Our frames are always thermally broken, as we get our slimline profiles from Alutech.

We understand that not everyone is able to afford new glass and/or windows and doors and that some people renting have no other choice but to live with what they have. Although, here are some tips on how to fix issues with improper fitting and draft, that are not financially challenging

  • cover any cracks with nail polish
  • caulk / re-caulk your bifolds or windows
  • foam tape is in general your best friend
  • try plastic cling film and hair dryer 🙂


  • Make sure your bifolds/doors/windows are fitted properly with no gaps for heat to escape, or for coldness to find a way inside
  • Check which type of glass and glazing you have
  • Close your bifolds/doors/windows and shut the internal blinds if it’s too hot outside
  • Make sure you have at least A-rated (low E) double glazing with argon-filled cavity
  • If possible, for future, invest into triple glazing to be more energy efficient
  • If you own bifolds, make sure to close them properly to avoid any heat loss

If you are still unsure how to be more energy efficient with your windows and doors, and how to save on your energy bills, we are here to help you. Get in touch with our friendly team on 01202 062 882 or send a quick message/email to [email protected]

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