Effective ways to deal with condensation on bifold doors

Condensation on bifold doors, or in general, is completely normal. It happens naturally, especially when there is a fluctuation in temperature. Warmer days and colder nights tend to have that effect, and it is very common to see a bit of condensation in the morning. But when you should start to worry, and how to deal with it, you may ask.

condensation on bifold doors
Condensation on bifold doors

Reason for condensation on bifold doors

The reason, as mentioned above, is simple. Fluctuation in temperature will cause condensation. If companies tell you that their glass can prevent condensation on bifold doors, or windows, they are not telling you the truth. Condensation happens naturally, and it is inevitable. Changes in temperature, for example, due to cooking or baking, will cause condensation on bifold doors and windows, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

What should I look out for

A little condensation is normal. You can see it on your glass, and if it is only a small patch that goes away, you can be in peace. A bit of condensation on bifold doors or windows is nothing to worry about. The glass is protecting you, and if installed properly, you just need to give it a quick wipe.

The real problem occurs when there is condensation in between the panes. You know this is the case if you cannot clean it from the inside or outside. That is when you need to act quickly. This means there is a problem with the seal. It may be broken, or faulty. The best course of action depends on the property. If you rent the property, you need to contact property management and they will deal with it for you. If you own the property, then you need to get in touch with your installer/fabricator.

When it comes to our bifold doors, we use glass from Clearvision or Cornwall glass, and we have never had any problems so far. But if anything happens, we will fix it immediately. Buying bifold doors directly from the manufacturer is proven to be the best option, as any problems can be fixed straight away.

condensation on bifold doors

How to prevent condensation

Even though condensation is normal and will occur naturally, there are a few ways how to prevent it from causing trouble.

Ventilation is very important. We understand this may be a bit inconvenient, especially during cold months. If you have trickle vents, it is best to keep them open.

Consistent temperatures can prevent and minimize condensation on bifold doors. It is the rapid change that makes condensation a problem.

The dehumidifier is your friend! In the cold months, opening your bifolds or windows may be a problem due to high energy prices and extremely low temperatures, but that is when you should let the dehumidifier help you.

Make sure to clean any moisture, to prevent it from spreading and causing trouble, such as mold. Condensation on bifold doors is easy to deal with, but mold is a real problem.

condensation on bifold doors
Condensation on windows

Quick tip: get a hard soap, grate it and mix it with salt. Use any disposable face mask for the mixture, and place it in areas that are not easily ventilated, like behind the drawers. It will help to suck up moisture for a while. Who said only TikTok can give you life hacks? Grandmas know best 🙂

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