Alutech BF73 Technical Information

AL BIfolds make the BF73 system for its ease of fabrication and high specifications. Importantly this specific bifold door system delivers the quality and aesthetics builders and their homeowner clients

General information on the Alutech BF73 folding sliding system

Alutech BF73 bifolding doors fitted in a new brick extension

A modern aluminium bifold door system, Alutech BF73 creates bifolding doors, single and double doors, for residential and commercial property. Our technical information gives you all you need to know and explains why Alutech is the right door product for any building project.

Overall, Alutech doors give all the required specifications building firms and their clients require in terms of configuration, energy efficiency, accessibility, security, colour choices and weather performance and protection.

We provide our doors, fabricated and ready to install, with all profiles cut to size and ready for simple site installation. A range of other features such as adjustable frame jambs, internal glazing beads, glazing and general adjustment, make Alutech one of the best on the market for builders and DIY enthusiasts, looking to save money by fitting their own doors.

Alutech BF73 aluminium profiles

Every door comes with highly insulated aluminium profiles comprising a deep thermal break.

The thermal break not only helps meet U-Values complying with Building Regulations but also enables us to offer our doors with a dual colour finish, with a different powder coated finish inside and out.

The entire system comprises a significant range of profiles ranging from slim or heavy-duty frame sections, bead glazing sizes, cill sizes and ancillary add-on extension pieces. Contact us for more information on the best profile choices for your project.

Bifolding door configurations and opening options

Alutech BF73 doors partially open looking out to a patio

Alutech BF73 doors start as a single door option for access or residential doors, or a double door design creating slim and stylish French doors.

For bifolding doors, the range starts with two panels, going up to seven in a standard configuration. Using jointing pieces at the head, cill and track, a maximum of 14 panels is possible. Doors can open inside or out.

For the folding sliding action, doors can fold all in one direction or split to fold on both sides. Traffic doors are available on all door types, enabling easy entry and exit without folding all the panels back.

The system also allows the creation of fixed or moveable corner posts, with an inward or outward corner design.

Threshold options on Alutech bifold doors

Three different threshold options, enable Alutech bifolds to work as safe and secure exterior door sets or stylish partitions and room dividers used internally.

The internal thresholds are not intended to come with a weather rating.

Sightlines dimensions for the BF73 system

One of the slimmest bifolds on the market, Alutech has the following typical dimensions using standard profiles.

  • Meeting style 120mm using the standard profile or 133mm using the heavy-duty option.
  • Frame and door sash at the jamb, 101mm
  • Bottom frame and track, no cill 125mm, with standard cill, 150mm
  • Low threshold track including frame, 116mm

Door panels sizes on Alutech folding sliding doors

The maximum frame width using joint pieces is 16.8m using the maximum number of panels. Seven panels is the maximum number of panels folding in one direction.

Whether opening in or out, Alutech BF73 bifolds come in maximum panel sizes of 1200mm wide and 3000mm high, with a maximum sash weight of 120kg.

Locking and security features with Alutech doors

All doors come with burglar-resistant hardware, using multi-point locking on the primary leaves and shoot bolt locking on the intermediate panels using rotary handles. The intermediate handles are slim and allow neat stacking of the folded panels.

Primary door leaves come with locking points engaging at several points on the door sash and are secured with a star-rated cylinder.

Doors meet PAS 24 security specifications, contact us for full details of glass and hardware options required where a certified door set is required.

Where you require single or double doors, we use the same security locking system as the master leaves, also available with a full or half-cylinder.

More information, prices and lead times on Alutech BF73 bifold doors

Supplied to homeowners direct, builders, installers and the wider construction trades. We make our doors with the superb build quality, fit and finish and quality glass units if required.

Contact us today for fast prices and lead times on our standard range of colours, or our equally impressive delivery dates on special finishes.

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